Conservatory Automation with SCLAN Bus

The SCLAN Conservatory Automation knows when to be heated, cooled or ventilated. Furthermore a security concept / intrusion detection system using the existing glass breakage detectors, window/door contact switches and motion sensors can be part of the concept. The modern design suits to a wide range of switches across the leading switch manufacturers.

Wintergarten Steuerung mit dem SCLAN Bus
The control system includes a Color-Touch-Display with temperature-, air humidity- and light-sensor (1,5,6), a 24-Channel I/O-Module, a high performance Relay Module (3), a state of the art 4-Channel High Efficiency Dimming Module (2), a DMX-Interface for color and effect lighting and a weather sensor providing weather data such as brightness, wind speed, temperature and rainfall (4). The system comes with a 10 years warranty and 25 years compatibility guarantee for add-ons, replacements, repair service or system extensions.


MediaNet for over 15 years has been developing automation solutions in the premium segment. The special properties of the medianet home automation technology is based on the SCLAN ("Site Control Local Area Network"), a specially developed technology for building control and network. The SCLAN technology is extremely efficient because of its capability to understand complete building structures.

The SCLAN bus is a direct result of the experience and practice MediaNet has as a global systems integrator. The online maintenance concept and the fact that no software needs to be replaced or adjusted when replacing components, convinced many end customers as well as installers alike. For OEM customers the SCLAN technology offers the perfect implementation of even the most complex control tasks associated with the connection to any other communication protocols.