In order to realize the desired functionality, almost any combination of the SRIPEM modules can be connected to each other. In addition, there are further interfaces for special applications that are fully integrated in the UCC, already at the factory available. The entire functionality of the periphery is locally configured in the control unit and stored permanently, so that the installation even in a partial failure is still functional. To update the functional configuration or to update the operating software the control unit mustn't be dismount or even touched. Both as well as the software setup and configuration can be ensured centrally via the SCLAN bus or if required via the Internet. Without travel costs or affecting privacy or business operations of the customers too much.

Product Features
- 2x
individually programmable bi-directional IR ports for consumer electronics
- 2x I²C
- RS232 / V.24 standard connection for specific applications (maximum configuration integrated)
- Slave processor expansion port
- Remote maintenance capability: For configuration, diagnostics, testing, operation, service, update, upgrade
- SRIPEM master interface
- Various other specialized interfaces for any special applications, SPI, etc.
- Individual, worldwide unique device identifier
- Built-in real time clock
- Software controlled addressing
- Firmware upgradeable via SCLAN-Bus
- Software (re-) configurable in any order
- 4 different colored LEDs for status monitoring
- Integrated dynamic time management