SCLAN Gateway Server

Item : SCLAN Gateway Server
Item ID. IP-MN.GATE:BP(C)-4002

server in plastic case
USB SCLAN bus adapter

Functionality and Properties:

Mounting: separate case
Connects a SCLAN bus system to an IP network for enhanced control functions and for browser-based operation of the entire system from any networked device (mobile or computer).

If there is internet access via the IP network and if it is enabled locally, remote maintenance of both the gateway server itself and of the SCLAN components is possible (fully encrypted and key-protected; No open ports are exposed to the internet).

browser-based user interface with real-time feedback of system status
browser-based multi-room music control (may require additional storage and additional components depending on configuration)
browser-based SCLAN control

SCLAN gateway software configuration for the specified functionalities
5V power supply (min. 2A)
Ethernet or WiFi network
for specific functionalities: additional control and sensor modules as needed for remote maintenance: SCLAN bus, SCLAN gateway server and internet access

Quality standard : Medianet
Item: IP-MN.GATE:BP(C)-4002

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