What makes the SCLAN bus so special? It truly connects all automation disciplines of the building to an energy-efficient building!

Energie saving | Light control | Comfort | Sercurity | Entertainment | Homecinema

Heating, air conditioning, ventilation in accordance
Single-room control, automatic and optimum heat control according to use of room and your individual needs. Window be opened as needed. The ventilation system reacts when people are in the room and monitors the air quality. Blinds, heating and ventilation, work together and create an energy-optimized, pleasant climate. 

Lighting with quality
Central control of lighting in the home and garden. Storable lighting scenarios or individual dimming, depending on time, presence and brightness. Modern RGB LED technology helps to save energy and produce a pleasant lighting atmosphere.

Shading and daylight
Control of shutters, blinds and sunshade with wind-, brightness- and rain-sensors or according to schedule.

Entertainment included
Music and remote control anywhere in the house and garden.

Energy Efficiency/ Smart Metering
Data logging, use, visualize, control costs: Optimize your energy consumption, use your personal savings potential and protect the environment. With the SCLAN-Bus you rely on efficient energy management. Blinds and room thermostats, heating valves, window contacts and light sensors are intelligently networked via SCLAN so that therefore SCLAN help you automatically to reduce power and heat consumption to a minimum.

Security and Comfort
Door comunication, video surveillance, detection of open windows, doors, burglary, Smoke, water,... and much more. Status messages on-site, but also by telephone and Internet. Simulate an inhabited house by control of light and blinds during your absence. Disconnect the power from electrical outlets and lighting and also switch off of appliances as a central off-function.