The 4 x digital-analog converter is used for direct control of analog devices and offers 4 outputs with selectable polarity at 20 mA per output. The DAC does not require its own power supply and is supplied directly via the input voltage. Diffrent than industry standard ± 5 V, the medianet DAC delivers ± 10 V and offers a twice as high resolution as conventional standard interfaces. The DAC works at an operating temperature between - 20 °C to + 55 °C and has the CE seal of approval. It Is controlled by independent 8 bit software.

Product properties

- 4 Digital analog converter outputs. Voltage and range selection under independent 8-bit software-control
- Polarity can be chosen for each output ± - means a virtually enhanced resolution such as a 9th bit
- One range switching bit per output (standard ±10 V and ± 5 V) allows applications which differs from industry standard (± 5 V) a twice as high resolution as it standard interfaces (± 10 V) with then restricted output voltage range allow

- Output voltage range 0 V to + 10 V, 10 V to 0V, 0V to + 5 V,-5 V to 0V
- Power capability per output 20 mA
- Easy to use user interface
- Simplified system test, as well as troubleshooting and polarity indicator for each output
- Extremely solid, EMC-optimized full-metal housing with additional connector Cap
- Galvanic isolation between the output and internal SELV voltage
- Common ground level of the outputs
- No additional unit for power supply required
- Software controlled, environmentally friendly power saving mode if the outputs are not used
- SRIPEM communication interface enables easy and comfortable installations
- Integrated manipulation detection reports unauthorized entry into the device port
- Operating temperature range:-20 °C to + 55 °C
- Seal of approval CE, objective checks and approvals VDE, VDS, UL, GS