Universal digital interface / sensor module, optionally as converter or binary sensor e.g. can be used for alarm contacts. For maximum external immunity, the 4UDI module is, like all medianet 4 modules, built up in high-quality aluminium case. 


Product properties

- 4 Universal Digital Inputs (UDI’s) to monitor digital states via software
- Each UDI can detect the digital state (presence/absence) of a DC or AC voltage signal (source).
- Wide voltage ranges for use in a wide range of applications: – DC: 0V to 2.8V = low state, 4.5V to 65V = high state
- AC: 0V to 2.0V = low state, 3.5V to 250V = high state
- (AC @ 50Hz sine wave)
- Simple interfacing with most sources
- Voltage polarity detection in DC mode possible without the need of an external diode
- Easy user interface (panel) simplifies system testing and debugging: one input status LED for each input
- No configuration required
- Robust heavy duty design, EMI/FRFI screened metal box for monitoring on 
35mm DIN bus-bar, metal cover for connectors; module width 66mm
- Galvanic insulation inside output and internal SELV voltage
- SRIPEM communication interface allows simple installation or extension of complex automation systems. Direct connection to any SRIPEM master or master/slave chain.
- Integrated detection of manipulation: Unit detects and logs unauthorized opening of the covers of the SRIPEM modules, this helps to prevent errors or sabotage
- Operating temperature range: -20° C … +55° C