SCLAN A Bus System for Home Automation and Building Services and Multimedia

The SCLAN building control helps save energy - provides intelligent lighting - enables comfortable controling - offers high class security protecting against intrusion - integrates AV, Home theater systems and multi room audio controls.

Invest in Futuristic and Advanced Home Automation and Building Control

SCLAN building automation is very energy efficient either it is for your Home, Office or for any other building. SCLAN regulates and intelligently controls you Heating and Air Conditioning systems, Lights, Blinds and more. Up to 30% in energy costs can be saved in office with our SCLAN building automation system there by reducing the CO2 emissions. With SCLAN you will achieve energy efficiency class A according to EN 15232 which is already a standard for office buildings which will also be a requirement for homes too soon. There start already now with SCLAN and be future prepared.


Current TIP for reconstruction measures:
The KFW promotes the product 159 Age-appropriate rebuilding as investments in building equipment.

Controls and auxiliary systems
Modernization of controls

The SCLAN automation provides through the large button that can be used already ideal conditions for appropriate accessibility

Measures to improve the orientation and communication, such as lighting, intercom or letterbox systems
The lighting can be switched via motion sensors and door communication is integrated into SCLAN bus concept.

Security, backup and emergency systems
All are linked to the SCLAN automation system.

AAL systems (Ambient Assisted Living): intelligent assistance systems and intelligent building
SCLAN can provide different scenarios of home automation via operating modes. So SCLAN intelligently deals with all scenes and scenarios depending up time day and presence. The motion detector triggers only at night when there is no light that too as a back-light and not too in the bedroom.


  • Pressreleases

    Bus Systeme
    PDF abstract from https://www.bussysteme.de/

  • SCLAN-Examples


    "smart home" already includes most demanded disciplines of home automation. The house is secure, heating is controlled, lighting scenes for each room are available,... [more]

    For music lovers, a Multi-Room Audio Solution, including a Media Server, which seamlessly ... [more]

    Simulation of daylight and daylight control creates well-being in every season,... [more]
  •  Dimming Module 4DIM

    Application examples
    - Halogen 230V/12V
    - LED 230V dimmable
    - Energy saving lamp (ESL-Lighting)
    - Motors (speed control)
  • Control Comfort

    Taster und Touchscreen

    Customer Example:
    SCLAN touch screen with Gira push button combination

    SCLAN networks traditional habits to an intelligent operating concept. Locally mounted switch buttons of the manufacturer of your choice allow the quick and safe operation...[more]
  • Control Comfort

    Rondo SCLAN Taster

    RONDO – Elegance in perfection
    Rondo – the universal keypad-system. It is not only decorative, but also a powerful central control panel... [more]
  • SCLAN-Example:

    Wintergarten Steuerung

    Conservatory Automation
    For your winter garden, your shop window or any room with large glass front: Intelligent Bus Technology controls sun protection and saves energy for HVAC and lighting thus gives a contribution for the climate change mitigation.[more]

Outside Light Function