"smart home" already includes most demanded disciplines of home automation. The house is secure, heating is controlled, lighting scenes for each room are available. Comfort and reliability at the highest level. Expandable at any time - future-proof and energy efficient. Quality in detail.

Claim good light
The color and brightness transitions are performed so smoothly with the SCLAN dimmer, that the process is naturally and there is no irritation to the eye.

Due to the high-grade components and the high number of dimming levels, flicker-free light scenes are achieved. So the DIM4 is able to dim high voltage LED lamps in the dark levels so fine like no other dimmer on the market.

Example calculation with 8 rooms:
- 1 SCLAN BUS controller
- 8 Blind actuators circuits
- 4 Dimmed lighting circuits
- 8 Switched light circuits
- 8 Switched outlets
- 5 Smoke detectors
- 8 Temperature sensors
- 8 Presence detector
- 2 Touch panels
- 20 Gira 55mm pushbutton with frame
- 32 Gira 55mm outlets with frame
- incl. bus cables and mounting hardware
- from 13.900 EUR*

* VAT included, plus cable and installation costs for on-site electrician


Part of the medianet SCLAN modules iis the especial developed high-end dimmer:
Each of the four channels can be set not only in the usual 256 levels of brightness, but offers indeed 65536 intensities with which each transition expires gently, completely flicker-free and smooth. The dimmer itself already supports smooth transitions to completely "smooth" simulation of very gradual sun ascending or sunsets.