RFID is a data collection technology which uses radio signals to transmit information about an item, such as a serial number or name. As a global provider of unique, enterprise-class data collection solutions, we are focused on optimizing operations, reducing expenses, and improving business processes using radio frequency identification.
We provide end-to-end RFID solutions that enable companies to cost effectively manage their business information, assets, objects, kits, products, and people. We seamlessly combine our software and hardware components, professional services, and 24/7 support to deliver a guaranteed solution to our clients.

Customized Solutions

Whether you are looking for a simple, user-friendly data collection tool, or an intelligent RFID based asset tracking application, we will work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs.
We provide RFID technology solutions that are customized to suit your specific requirements and empowers your business by efficient use of resources that generates tangible benefits.
We specialize in providing tracking, tracing, identification, authentication solutions using RFID – the most preferred technology in this market.

Advantages of RFID

- Gain exclusive visibility into operations

- Process automation

- Real-time asset visibility

- Streamline operations

- Reduce cost

- Error-proof related data

- Maximize asset utilization

- Improve overall productivity


Asset Management

- Reduce or labour costs with technology integration

- Eliminate human error on asset tracking & management

- Accurate asset location, quantity & item type

- Built in alerts and authorization control

- Authenticate workflow rules for high security applications

- Integration with existing technology

- Increased customer satisfaction

- Improved compliance and audit processes


Healthcare Solutions

- Locate & monitor equipment

- Monitor & manage employees, staff

- Track assets with ensured timely delivery

- Improved efficiency

- Manage consignment products

- Automate invoices


Access Control

- Improve overall security

- People identification & tracking

- Ensure maximum user and asset safety

- Unique RFID number capture

- Voice commands & video tracking

- Biometric authentication (fingerprint scanning)

- Easily configurable, automated security alerts.


Process Management

- Improve operations, reduce costs & mitigate risks.

- Manage crowd control and ticket authentication,

- Manage safety & compliance assets

- Accurate employee tracking

- Seamless integration with business applications

- Product item visibility & loss prevention

- Improve accuracy for systematic and physical inventories


Other RFID Solutions

- Asset identification & tracking

- Time & attendance

- Document tracking & authentication

- Hospitality management

- Fleet & goods tracking

- Vehicle tracking system

- Animal tracking

- Event management

- Library management

- Supply chain management

- Parking management

- Documents & certificate authentication