The medianet 4-Chanels relay modules are used for switching on/off lighting blinds and outlets. In the small signal mode, you can switch analog and digital signals. The scope is unlimited; Light - blinds- air conditioning - heating - TV and projector lifts - screen controls. The 4DIM-Moduls suits for the continuous regulation of consumers.

Product properties
- Switches co-current and alternating blinds, as well as analog or digital signals in small signal mode
- High current switching capacity 16A or 80 * amp *Short-term inrush current for each contact
- High switching voltage width 0V - 300V AC, 0V-400V DC
- The local operation simplifies testing, configuration, and troubleshooting action
- Software controlled buttons and status LEDs
- Easy to use on-site user interface, simplifies system testing and troubleshooting, polarity indicator per output
- Extremely solid, EMC (electromagnetic)-optimized full-metal housing with additional connector coverage
- Galvanic isolation between the output and internal SELV voltage
- All contacts electrically isolated
- All contacts
can be defined as break contact or make contact element via software
- No additional power supply unit
required to the power supply system
- Software controlled, environmentally friendly power saving mode if the outputs are not used
- SRIPEM communication interface allows easy comfortable installations
- Integrated manipulation detektion, reports unauthorized entry into the device port
- Operating temperature range:-20 ° C to + 55 ° C
- Seal of approval CE, objective checks and approvals VDE, VDS, UL, GS