As the only manufacturer on the market medianet guarantees it's customers 10 years warranty and 25 years compatibility guarantee on the SCLAN system. With this promise your system is also in the future on the latest state of the art.

10 Years SCLAN warranty
We are sure of what we do - we highlight our promise of quality by customer-friendly and long warranty periods in confidence that our SCLAN devices work perfectly and permanently. Special specifications and consistent quality allowing that.

25 Years SCLAN compatibility guarantee
We guarantee you add-ons and replacement plus repair service or equivalent change at any time. Thus, there is no need to worry about a new installation and replacement of installation as well as in the case of renovation and reconstruction. Devices and modules that you have purchased from us, can be used again and again and get so their value in the long term. This is real conseration value retention! So your investment is protected, reduces capital requirements and therefore avoids unnecessary expenses. Only a manufacturer, who mastered the complete integration technology and value chain and controlls it for your benefit and in terms of our warranty can provide that.

Installation and know how support warranty
We guarantee all our customers and installers that we support you if necessary, personally at your site or at the installation site. We put every effort to make  your project a successfull one. If personal duty or personal intervention is needed, we are there to help you.