The medianet 4 channels dimmer modules have 4 independently dimmable, high-quality output channels with a total 3,2KW per channel 800Watt power and 3,5A charging rate at a very low energy requirement and extremely efficient dimming, which doesn't requires an active electric control cabinet switchboard ventilation, because the dimmer itself even under maximum loads don't get hot (assuming passive air exchange). In order that, the medianet SRIPEM dimmer modules are a decisive factor in the energy concept and provide various power saving modes including automatic complete shut down and ECO mode. Recommissioning  works totally automatically and unnoticed by the operator.

How all SRIPEM modules with integrated processor the medianet dimmer can completely be maintained remote, firmware update-bar is also possible. On request and in special configuration or cases, it is also possible to dim in17.850.625. levels. medianet renders it possible!

Product properties

- 4 independently dimmable, high-quality output channels
- Channel load individually up to 800W all together less than 6, 3A

- Outputs with highly effective EMI filters
- Power input with highly effective EMI filters
- Zero passage detection considering commercial frequency
- Different power saving modes including complete shut-down and ECO mode
- SRIPEM interface
- Control Panel with 2 LEDs and 2 buttons plus/ minus per channel
- Current measurement with two-time auto range measurement per channel
- Open or closed circuit is detected for each channel even in switched off status. This is used to detect if external switches, which are connected in series with the load, switched on and request light, e.g. in bedside lamps or floor lamps
- Temperature measurement for safe over temperature and overload detection
- 4 independent dim channels of highest resolution (65,536 steps)
- Incandescent electric lamps and halogen lamps, transformers, capacitive and resistive loads, hot and cold head and any mix of these , as well as dimmable motor loads
- Natural configurable daylight dynamics can be activated
- Parametrizable candle flicker can be activated
- Dimming levels and ranges for every channel can be independently and completely managed via software with up to 65,536 values
- Sun up and Sun-setting automatic
- Very low minimum load for the dimming of small consumers; no parallel load resistors needed
- Internal temperature management
- Intuitive user interface with buttons and LEDs to the immediate direct operation on the spot
- Immediate installation and function test through on-site operation with software installed at the factory
- Unlimited number of light scenes and dimming.
- 18.446.744.073.709.551.616 different shades (within the colour space of the light sources)or RGB dimming
- Detection of circuit interruptions, even in switched off state. So, more software events can be triggered, e.g. switching on/off of consumers, even if it there are in the off State. So you can for example get simplest of normal light switches in series with the lamp, complex scenes. So you may obtain as normal simplest light switches in series to the lamp, complex scenes.
- Load failure detection by integrated current measurement and validation
- Integrated, externally accessible fuse for cost-effective and space-saving installations. Therefore no external circuit breaker are necessary
- Extended lamp life due to soft start
- Extended lamp life by limitation of maximum power to any value
- Box/Housing : Heavy metal housing design for EMC and EMI
- Radiation rejection
- Galvanic isolation between the output and internal SELV - circuits
- Programmable stage shut down for the drastic energy savings in the case that the dimming channels are switched off
- The SRIPEM communication interface allows easy and comfortable installations. For more information, see SRIPEM
- Integrated manipulation detention reports unauthorized entry into the device port
- Operating temperature range:-20 °C to + 55 °C
- Seal of approval CE, objective checks and approvals VDE, VDS, UL, GS