For music lovers, a Multi-Room Audio Solution, including a Media Server, which seamlessly fits into the SCLAN Control- and Operating-Concept is included. Guaranteed audiophile, customizable and compatible to HiRes Audio.


Claim: Perfect sound throughout the House
The high-quality background music system will not take valuable floor space. The speakers are discreetly installed in the ceiling or wall and the equipment is located in the switch-board and is very easy to control via the SCLAN Control-Elements. 


Example calculation house with 8 rooms:
- 1 SCLAN-BUS Controller
- 8 Blinds circuits
- 4 Dimmed lighting circuits
- 8 Switched light circuits
- 8 Switched outlets
- 5 Smoke detectors
- 8 Temperature sensors
- 8 Presence detector
- 14 Window / door contact switch
- 1 Electronic door lock front door
- 2 Touch panels
- 20 Gira push button with 55mm frame
- 32 Gira 55mm outlets with frame
- 16 Built-in speaker (4 per zone)
- 4-Zone Amplifier & 4-zone media server
- Including bus cable and installation accessories
- From 26 900 EUR*

* VAT included, plus cable and installation costs for on-site electrician

Multi-room audio consumption fully integrated