RONDO – Elegance in perfection

Rondo – the universal keyboard system. It is not only decorative, but also a powerful central control panel. The clear structured keypads not only actions the respective functions, but the color backlit buttons also inform States and events and give you immediate feedback on the operation. With the spectacular escalation function, you have a variety of functions under control not only on-site, but also in adjacent rooms, on the whole floor, or even in the entire House.

The elegant, universal system keyboard that can be configured on request to control almost everything in the House: Light, music, blinds - what ever you can imagine – RONDO can control it!

On each keyboard almost any combination can recall programmed functionality. All keys on the keyboard are software controlled in colour and intensity, backlit individually or in groups. In addition, there are further interfaces for special applications, which already are fully integrated at factory, available.

All relevant functionality of peripherals can be configured locally at the keyboard and permanently stored so that the installation even in a partial failure is still functional. While the keyboard must either be expanded or even touched to update the functional configuration or to update the operating software. Both, as well as the software set-up can carried out via the SCLAN bus or even via the Internet. Without travel expenses nor overstress or effect privacy or business operations of the customers.